Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 2010 Gonch Awards

Here we go, without any further ado to those fools who still follow such a dead, dead blog which I wish I would keep up more but goddammit I'm lazy and video games don't play themselves...THE 2010 GONCH AWARDS!!!!

Best Movie - Inception, this amazing tale of dream entering and mesmerizing scenes takes you hostage until implants a single idea in your head: this movie rules and Christopher Nolan is still brilliant.

Best Special Effects - Tron: Legacy, yes the questionable digitized villain of C.L.U. aka young Jeff Bridges is at times hard to believe, but who cares? The whiz-bang beauty of this film lies in the amazing visuals, the jaw dropping look of blue and yellow playing against the dark backdrop of a place you wish your computer was cool enough to house.

Biggest Disappointment - Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, a greatly fun video game that actually did have a story in it was poised to become one of the best video game adaptations of all time. And it was...except that's not saying much. It barely rose above the levels of a standard action film and perhaps I shouldn't have expected more, but I had hoped.

Biggest Surprise (Positive That Is) - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, oh crap he can act. Sure it happened to be a year where I saw 500 Days of Summer on DVD for the first time, but forget that. He was great in Inception and almost overshadowed Dicaprio. He's come a long way from 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Worst Film - Killers, awful from top to bottom. Katherine Heigl is unbearable, Ashton Kutcher doesn't flat out suck but he's not exactly good either and the plot and "twists" if you will, holy crap don't watch this movie. I haven't seen Knight and Day yet but it HAS to be better than this. Or just see Date Night, I'm sure that's the best version of this story.

Best Use of 3D - Tron: Legacy, the overused aspect of 3D has gotten out of control, I mean Green Hornet got the treatment, why exactly? Well, this movie got it and it made sense and was done wonderfully. I actually saw this in IMAX 3D and the scenes outside the grid were in 2D, while those inside were in 3D (clever eh?) to show the differences between the worlds, as if there weren't enough.

Best Superhero Film - Iron Man 2, the easy answer by default because of the few I saw, it was the best. Wait did I even see another superhero film? I'm not sure I did, either way let's just give it to this, Mickey Rourke was cool and while it wasn't everything you could have wanted, it was still a good time.

Best Animated Film - Toy Story 3, the 4th Shrek film wasn't awful but it doesn't come close to a Pixar film. This particular installment wasn't my favorite of the bunch, I'd have to give that to Toy Story 2, but it was still a good movie and a bit dark to boot.

Most Anticipated Film of 2011 - Thor/Green Lantern/Captain America, a three way tie between the superhero films. There's a serious glut of these coming but they mostly look good, though I have serious fears about Green Lantern succeeding. DC needs something besides Batman to live off of and if this fails, we can only hope Zack Snyder's Superman film can save it. Marvel however looks poised for another great year and push to Joss Whedon's (oh god it feels good to say that) Avengers movie.

Best Villain - C.L.U. from Tron: Legacy, this is tough one to choose but I choose young Bridges for a good reason, I love a villain with an interesting motivation whether it be chaos like the Joker or making "super" into normalcy like Syndrome. C.L.U. wasn't truly evil, he was corrupt and confused, perhaps jealous of Flynn's friendship with Tron and determined to "create the perfect system". This drove him to genocide and gives the film it's most important message (yes it DOES have one), that the pursuit of perfection is imperfect in itself and can only lead down a dark path. Sometimes imperfect is perfect.

Best Returning Show - Lost and Smallville, it was hard to pick one so I take both. Lost had its final season and it was a doozy, though the finale was bittersweet in that while it was enjoyable, it didn't quite give us what we expected or hoped for. Smallville began its final season as well in 2010 and it has pulled out ALL the stops. Darkseid, Supergirl, Justice League/Society, Suicide Squad, the suit...oh and he pretty much flew. Got all that? Yeah, it's shaping up to be a great final season...too bad it took this long to get this much out of the show cause it's shining.

Best New Show - No Ordinary Family, no this show isn't going to blow you away or do anything you haven't ever seen before. C'mon, it's about a family of superheros on ABC, the company owned by Disney who also owns Pixar who already made their Fantastic Four ripoff (and frankly better) The Incredibles. No this show isn't anywhere as good as The Incredibles, but it's still lighthearted fun fair, even if it feels like it barely made it over from ABC Family.

Best Comedy - Modern Family, oh god I hadn't seen this show before this year and it is the new Arrested Development, god bless it. A great cast and smart writing make a brilliantly entertaining show.

Best Drama - Lost, you have to hand it to these guys, they could never live up to their expectations and while we still had issue, they did an amazing job wrapping it up.

Best Film Score - Tron: Legacy by Daft Punk, it's unlike any other film score you'll hear this year, it's mostly electronic yet orchestrated score evokes the computer world and the impressiveness of how to make a different kind of movie score.

Honestly, no major album or song springs to mind when I think of 2010.

So that's all I got, did I miss stuff? Am I an idiot? (Don't answer that one). Let me know. Welcome to 2011!

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