Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Hallo...Thanksg...ChristmaSuperbowl?

I clearly must have missed something. See Halloween was Wednesday. I remember it coming but not actually happening. Yes I know it was there. I was there. Halloween kind of wasn't though. We handed out a few candies at work but people could care less. See, it being the holiday, no one cared. But leading up to it? Enjoy Halloween Horror Nights, pick up your costumes, carve out your jack-o-lanterns and such. Just make sure you do it all before the holiday happens, because by then it's too late. When I was a kid, my community of houses had trick or treating aplenty. Obviously I don't care about that anymore, yet this year and last, living away from campus or "off-campus" housing, I've seen none of it. No one has come to my door and I know kids live here. To be honest I'd rather not be bothered, I'm probably too busy watching hockey.

But see that's not my point. My point is, the day after Halloween, I heard Christmas commercials. No better than that, last weekend I was home, during October and my father and I visited a Loews hardware store, the kind of place that thinks it can compete with Home Depot. Anyway, to our left was a gigantic Christmas section. And I mean gigantic, huge blowup Christmas stuff you see some really out there lawns. Sure there was Hanukkah stuff, in the sense that there was literally a small column of hanging Hanukkah yo-yos between the ornaments and such. I don't expect to see much Hanukkah stuff, that's fine, but I kind of find yo-yos insulting for some reason, especially when it's surrounded by all the crazy lights and stuff.

Forget all of that now. Today, I heard a commercial for an electronics store, promoting their big screen plasma tvs. Part of this was stating that you could really see the Big Game the right way. Wait, the Big Game? As in Superbowl? You've gotta be kidding me. We're on next year already. That's when it dawned on me. No one wants to celebrate a holiday anymore, aside from getting time off. They'd much rather celebrate the hype of it, the build up. Better get ready, Christmas is coming, oh man the Superbowl is gonna be awesome (yes this isn't a holiday but it might as well be). By the time they're here, no one wants to talk about it anymore, just move on to what's coming up next.

Eventually we'll be celebrating holidays 4 months ahead of time. In February it will be the 4th of July, in July it'll be Labor Day (ok that's pushing it). And before anyone gets the idea that I hate Christmas because I'm Jewish, nothing could be further from the truth. This is my favorite time of year, late Fall to early Winter. I enjoy the festiveness of it all, but honestly, can we not celebrate Thanksgiving first? You can have the entire month of December if you want, but leave the slaughtering of Native Americans alone. We must celebrate them by devouring turkey, watching football, and saying how we're thankful that we can celebrate the coming of holidays as soon as we can see the month coming up in the lower part of our calendars.