Monday, October 29, 2007

Yes It's A New Blog

Do I already have a blog? Yes I do. Do I have a LJ? Yes I do, I rarely use it nowadays. I rather like the layout here better. The hockey blog isn't going anywhere, but it just gets little love due to both time constraints and the fact that I talk about hockey enough as it is on forums. I'll post on there when I feel like it but it's few and far between.

(If anyone reading this is looking to know more about me or what it is that drives my interests, that will come later. It's late, just wanted to get this up.)

No, this one is a more personal blog. What's it for? It's just for me, it's for all kinds of things. Hopefully I'll feel I can post anything here and not worry about the consequences but one never knows. It gets hard to post personal things without blocking out everyone, heh. But shoot here goes, let the randomness begin by following up on Stephanie's meme.

8 random things about my kitchen (not that it's that interesting but here it goes anyway):
1. Much of my appliances are new because I didn't have them before and come from Bed Bath And Beyond thanks to numerous coupons from my parents
2. The microwave had to originally be returned because the door wouldn't close, and I didn't really feel like giving myself a healthy dose of radiation
3. There's a small hole above that area in the ceiling, which is apparently a leak from the chimney (don't ask why I have a chimney/fireplace in Central Florida), waiting to be fixed still
4. My dishwasher and stove/oven are brand new (maybe the fridge too?) which was part of the selling point of the apartment, along with brand new cabinetry and A/C
5. In order to get to the pantry, you go through the laundry room, small as it is, which is attached to the kitchen, which I find a bit awkward
6. When running the dishwasher (and it seems sinks as well) the pipes make an annoying thump noise when a lot of water flows through them
7. I've never used an oven, don't plan to anytime soon, but for the stove, the only things I've cooked so far are pasta (all the time), frozen chicken, and grilled cheese sandwiches, I'm not much of a cook.
8. And to finish this list off, I'll just say that it's great to finally have a kitchen to myself, so I don't have to try share it with someone else and constantly go shopping more than I want to because I can't fit as many things, just another benefit of living alone

Alright that's it for now. It might be the most boring post here so far, but again, this is just here to get things started, and I felt the challenge when Stephanie claimed no one would follow up on it, heh so there. My free time is short until later this year when I graduate with my Masters degree, but eventually this thing may see some real life.